Friday, September 30, 2011

What to Consider Before Choosing a Computer Repair Company

It goes without saying (although I guess I am saying), that owning a computer requires regular maintenance to keep it performing properly. However, even well maintained computers can malfunction from time to time, requiring repairs that are beyond the skills of most PC users. Finding a company to fix your PC problem is important, but you should consider more than just whether or not they can fix your computer.

Here are 5 things you should consider before choosing a computer repair service.

First, make sure the pc repair shop is bonded and insured. In the event your computer is damaged while in for service, you want to make sure they can pay for a replacement. Surprisingly, this will narrow your options significantly.

Check qualifications and experience. Make sure they have experience working on your brand of computer and operating system. The more experience they have the more likely your computer will be repaired the first time. Would you want to be without a computer for a month?

Give them a detailed description of the problem. Try to be specific with what the problem is; i.e. “when I start my computer it only shows a blue screen”. Being specific will help the technician efficiently, find the problem, fix it and get your computer back to you in timely manner.

Get a price estimate in writing before they begin working on it. Don’t settle for a verbal price quote when you drop off your computer. Along with cost, make sure the written estimate outlines what services are included for that price. 
  • If repair costs are going to exceed the price quote, insist the technician call you with a new quote before continuing the repairs. The truth is... computer and laptop problems are often unique to each PC and some can’t be identified until a proper diagnosis is completed.

Lastly, if the Company installs any software, make sure they are licensed to install it on your computer or laptop. I bring this point up because the use of pirated software by computer repair companies is more common than most people think. Why should you care? You can be held responsible for using pirated software whether you knowingly or unknowingly use it. I know... it stinks, right?

Using the tips discussed above will help you find a trustworthy company that offers computer repair services in Southeast Wisconsin.

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