Monday, September 12, 2011

Choosing the Best Anti-Virus and Spyware Software

Cyber criminals are always creating new viruses in hopes of harming peoples computers or accessing personal information. The best defense your computer has is thru software that prevents and removes these persistent cyber bugs from wrecking havoc on your computer and in some cases your personal information.

This article covers an often discussed issue: Considering the variety of antivirus solutions available on the market, which do you choose? There's no right and wrong answers when it comes to which anti-virus program is better. It's dependent on what you need the software to do. However, many consumers are interested in the real difference between free programs available and those you need to pay an annual subscription for.

Antivirus software often comes pre-installed on your PC. If it does, chances are it's a free trial or a paid subscription you purchased together with the computer or laptop. In any event, its task is to identify and remove viruses within items on your hard drive and remove them based on your specifications. Once the paid subscription is up for renewal, you’ll receive alerts or emails warning you that your system is about to be left unprotected.

What many laptop and computer owners don’t know is that you have an alternative. You don’t need to pay for antivirus software when many companies provide antivirus software totally free. However, much like anything else, it is advisable to do our homework and shop properly before making a decision.

Ideally you want antivirus security to alert you any time a virus is attempting to break into your system. Spyware also falls into this group. The software program alerts you if there's a spyware or malware threat from either an existing file or program you have or one you happen to be currently downloading.

A free application that can do this (which most do) is most likely the best option. Free doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, just minimal. Most paid virus protection software removes and prevents infections, but offers additional features such as, website browsing protection, hard drive clean up and customer support. Depending on your computer usage, these features may not be needed. For most PC users, they occupy extra hard drive space and rarely get used.

For people who are careful about what websites they visit, the functions of free antivirus protection will do. Protecting yourself by using caution when surfing the web and downloading files is half the challenge. Here’s some sound advice; if you are using the free 30-day trial offer the software program gave you, take the 30 days to evaluate free vs. paid anti-virus software. If the free software gives you what you need, do it. It’s easy to switch later.

Here's a list of effective FREE anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware programs we recommend to our clients:

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