Friday, September 23, 2011

The Importance of Doing Windows Updates

If your laptop or computer runs on a Windows operating system (OS) then you’ve noticed the numerous Windows updates your PC installs. Most of us are familiar with the little yellow pop-up box in the corner indicating Windows wants to update the operating system. However, many people don’t know why they’re downloading these updates, what they’re used for and if they are really necessary. Here are some of the reasons why you should do your Windows updates and how they can affect your computer or laptops performance.

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow computer and one way to prevent this is staying up-to-date on Windows updates. They allow the operating system to run smooth and access programs efficiently. When people bring computers in for poor performance, the glitches and bugs that are found often result from failing to do the Windows OS updates. These updates offer patches to the computer which prevent problems with the operating systems performance.

As of this article, Windows operating systems run on 88% of computers/laptops in the U.S. which makes it the primary target for hackers and cyber criminals. To combat the constant attacks, manufacturers at Microsoft are constantly working on ways to strengthen the security of the system. In many cases, Windows updates contain security patches to help reinforce the OS security and fix vulnerabilities exposed by malware.

Many people purchase an extended warranty when they buy a new computer and I have personally seen instances where failing to do Windows updates has voided part or all of the extended warranty.

By staying current with your Windows OS updates will help your computer or laptop perform the way should and is an important layer of defense for preventing computer infections.

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