Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Should You Consider Switching To Gmail?

Many of our customers express dissatisfaction with their current email service provider. Not enough space, confusing to use, too much spam, and doesn’t work with other email programs are some of the complaints we hear.
My recommendation has been and continues to be... “Switch to Gmail!”

  1. It’s easy to set-up
  2. It’s easy to use
  3. You get plenty of storage
  4. Packed with free features
  5. It’s FREE
Registering takes 5 minutes and is super easy. Follow the prompts and Voila... Your a Gmail user.

Features- With 7.5GB of storage (which is difficult to use up for a personal email account) you will never have to delete an email again.  Other useful features included are; integrated calendars and tasks (which can be shared ), chat/talk functions, social media integration, address book and online document storage.

Integrate other email accounts - Another way Gmail separates itself from other providers is the way other email accounts can be imported and redirected to your Gmail account. This means you can still use your old address if your existing contacts have it, but manage and read all emails from one account - Gmail. If you choose, gmail also allows you to send emails from the non Gmail account.

 Priority Inbox, Filters and labels -  Your new best friend when it comes to fighting SPAM and organizing emails.  Gone is wasting your time putting emails in their appropriate “folder”. Priority Inbox allows you to prioritize which emails you see first and the best part?... YES! it’s all automated so messages go exactly where you want them to.

Easily add additional custom addresses - Gmail allows you to set-up virtually unlimited number of custom sub-addresses. It’s a great way to test whether or not a list your subscribing to is sending out spam. Ever wanted to know who’s selling your email information to “advertisers”? Now you can!

Conversation view - Groups replies with their original messages, making it easy to organize and follow email conversations.

And tons more additional features that I can't fit on a blog post!

I guess what I'm saying is... if you haven’t yet joined the Gmail party, you’re missing out. The reasons listed above are just a few of the many features and options Gmail provides email users to make our lives less chaotic.

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