Friday, November 25, 2011

Tips When Shopping for a New Computer - Part 5 of PC Buyers Guide

Ask the retailer you’re buying the computer from if there are any manufacturer rebates available.

Consider a custom built computer
This is the best way to get the most BANG for your buck. Having a computer custom built to your specific needs means the components are interchangeable and therefore cheaper to replace or upgrade. Many manufacturer’s limit the options to upgrade and require you to replace failed parts with their costly replacement parts. Custom built machines allow you to upgrade or replace parts at a much lower cost.

Shop at the right time
Pre fall, the holidays and midsummer (July) are good times to shop. New models are introduced and promotions to move inventory mean you can find great deals. If a computer you like isn't on sale, ask for a better price.

Test drive
Especially when buying a laptop. Punch the keys, navigate different programs and test web surfing. Make sure the touchpad is large enough to allow your finger to cover the span of the screen with one swipe. Test the weight buy carrying the laptop around for a few minutes and make sure it fits in your existing or new case.

Ask a lot of questions
The only dumb question is one that isn’t asked, so don’t hesitate to ask questions. Some good ones are:
·         What is your return policy?
·         Does the price include any office programs like Word,  Excel, Power Point, etc?
·         Do you offer any free technical support?

Ask about recycling discounts
Some retailers will offer a small discount if you give them your old computer to recycle.

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